Food and Wine Travel

Food and wine travel

Do you remember that amazing, quaint cafe in France where they served the best wine and cheese? What about the intimate, family run restaurant in that Italian alley, where they served the most amazing amatriciana? If you’re anything like me then the food you eat and the wine you sip will serve as the foundation of an authentic travel experience! Regardless of where you travel, I will find you the best in featured local cuisine and amazing wines. In addition to the featured local flavors, I strive to locate those amazing “off the beaten path” restaurants, bistros, and cafes that will leave a lasting impression for years to come. 

To say that I enjoy the experience of food/wine would be an understatement, and there is something to be said about visiting a vineyard in France or Italy. Having a glass of champagne while taking in the panoramic view of Paris from the top of Eiffel Tower or sipping tea in England are experiences that will forever remain in your heart. Watching local farmers make Parmigiano Reggiano cheese in Parma Italy, followed by dining on handmade ravioli paired with the perfect wine at a Tuscan vineyard can not be explained, it must be experienced! These visual experiences are forever etched into your life, heightened by the food/wine experiences that accompany them.


Luxury Golf Outings

Luxury golf outings

What trip would be complete without a relaxing round of golf? Scotland, Ireland, the British Isles and everywhere in between the course is calling. We can build your travel experience around the greatest courses in the world. Once you finished your game you are left to bask in the local sights and sounds of your destination. Unparalleled access to the world’s top golf resorts, coupled with your tailored itinerary to ensure a trip you won’t soon forget.



European Destinations

Luxury European Vacations

Explore the wonders of the old world, on your luxury European vacation. Whether you want to hop from city to city or wish to focus your time in one specific area, I am here to create your customized vacation itinerary. My time living in Italy and the UK granted me the amazing opportunity to travel throughout Europe. I hand-pick hotels that offer the best in quality, local charm, and amenities, appealing to a diverse range of tastes. From cooking lessons in Provence and self-driving tours in Ireland to Villa stays in Tuscany or golfing in Scotland, if you have an interest I will incorporate into your travel plans. I want you to enjoy every moment of your travels and look forward to customizing your dream vacation!


If you have an interest or desire I can incorporate it into your travel experience - we can even make arrangements for your pet to join you on your travels!